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What does the spider represent in Denis Villeneuve's Enemy?

Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy ends with Adam being confronted by a giant spider in the bedroom. In a film that otherwise adheres to realism–despite its occasionally surreal quality–the scene stands out. Like most viewers, Adam is initially shocked, but then he lets out what can be best described as a smirk-sigh. Does he know something about the spider that viewers do not? The spider motif is not something that comes abruptly at the end; it exists throughout. So, what does the spider represent?

  • Villeneuve has his own interpretation of this issue, during the film there are several references to different types of spiders but also about their webs. This symbolism at first speaks about women but has an effect on the feelings of the protagonist. If there is a right answer, it is interesting to think why he leaves this question to the audience. – EllenPastorino 1 year ago