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Eragon: Movie Adaptation Failure

Look at the differences between the movie Eragon and the book by Paolini. Explore why the book was a relative success but the movie was such a cinematic flop. Areas to explore might include character development, major battles, what was changed and perhaps why (such as trying to keep the rating they wanted).

  • Adaptation Theory can help immensely with this essay. Linda Hutcheon has a seminal text on the topic. – WALSTIB 8 years ago
  • It could also be interesting to do a general article about where book-to-movie transitions often fail, and use Eragon as a framing device, since it sadly falls victim to many of the pitfalls. I would personally attribute many of the problems in Eragon specifically to an attempt to condense the entirety of a very long and complex book into a single movie; the entire thing felt incredibly rushed. – Connor Gregorich-Trevor 8 years ago