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Film Festivals in the Digital Age

Explore how film festivals and the documentary film genre have reacted to the age of Netflix and YouTube. Explain the popularity of film-festivals, their appeal, and the future for the viewing format.

  • As a burgeoning cinephile, I would love to be educated in the contemporary festival circuit hits (especially in this digital age). I would be interested in how they are being made, who stars/makes them, how they are marketed, how they al. – JackStewardson 8 years ago
  • As someone who has attended the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto for the last 10 years and who is currently a programmer for the Grand River Film Festival (we screen 4 to 5 docs per festival), I am very interested in this topic. People watch docs across many platforms: festivals, cable TV, Netflix, iTunes, and even at theatres! The digital age has lead to a democratization in the making of films and this is no more in evidence than in the documentary genre. The variety of topics covered is staggering! – ptoro 8 years ago