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What will our future bring?

Many different TV series and films offer various visions of the future. Spanning from a dystopic universe where water is scarce and people scavenge, such as Tank Girl, or where the water levels have risen and earth is scarce, such as Waterworld, to futures where we have expanded into the stars, Star Trek, etc.

There are many interpretations of what comes next for us, and I thought an interesting topic would be to map some of these and look at the origin concept at their core. The easiest example would be to use Waterworld: rising sea levels due to climate change lead to eventually all but the highest peaks become completely under water that is more salt than fresh. Humanity moves to living in floating communities and diving for materials from the world before.

Many of these interpretations are not that far into our future and offer some interesting points of view on where the human race is heading. Can you think of other examples?

  • To see how different futures are envisioned from the period when that particular future was developed. The 1950s and atomic testing or the present and climate change. How the times affect future-vision. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago