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Ghost in the Shell & Akira: Manga vs. Anime

Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Akira (1988) are each widely acknowledged for their impact on the cinematic world as well as for propelling anime into the global world of popular culture. However, each of these films emerge from or are, perhaps loosely, based on accompanying manga series. While each manga series was published and had its "original run" prior to the creation and release of each film, the plots of the anime versions of both Akira and Ghost in the Shell in some ways present vastly different storylines and themes. Analyze the ways in which each anime film overlaps with or diverges from its respective manga predecessor and the significance of these similarities and differences.


    Ghost in the Shell: How Important is Consciousness in Today's World

    Under the umbrella of the majestic story of Ghost in the Shell, discuss how important are the values about the "ghost" aka consciousness and its relationship with the "shell" in our context.