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The horrors of religious judgement in Hellbound

Recently finished watching Hellbound and think an article exploring its premise would be insightful. It really delivered that idea of ‘god-fearing’ in a new and inventive way. It is a phrase you hear a lot in a historical context and can sometimes lose a lot of impact due to this. By the end of the first series of Hellbound, you understand that fate rests with a supernatural force, the logic of which is completely hidden from humankind, and by their standards is completely wrong and unpredictable. Unexplained phenomena is a great hook, and by tying it to the idea of religious judgement, the show did a great job of making it seem like a realistic situation. A potential writer could explore the series, with reference to older artwork and literature that displays that same notion of ‘god-fearing’ (Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Barry B. Jenkins is a book, though I didn’t think it was very good and older, more classical examples may be more effective)

  • Great start. I'd just revise it so the topic is a bit clearer and not stated in first person. – Stephanie M. 2 years ago