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Hero Or Executioner?

Many comic books deal with whether or not a hero should kill someone if they feel they have to. Villains always break out of jail and hurt people, so at what point should they be executed? Some heros, like the Hulk, can’t control themselves and often leave a path of destruction, should they be gotten rid of? Discuss how some of these scenarios played out and what killing means to different heros. Comics that explore this are Batman Hush, Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, Injustice, Marvel’s Civil War, and Watchmen.

  • Love the idea! Might be worthwhile comparing the way the ethics of heroes killing villains in comics is represented, against the representation of that struggle in films and television, and why there might be differences. Daredevil seems like a good example given the entire second season is about the opposition between Daredevil and the Punisher's ideologies of life and death. – Zujaja K 8 years ago
  • this could even be brought into the age of ultron and what it meant to ultron to kill, he did not want to kill just because there was a reason behind it. he wanted to essentially make the world a better place, but some people got in the way of that. very very good topic! – scole 8 years ago