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Writing Historical Drama/Novel

How important do you think historical accuracies are in a historical drama/novel? Should you sacrifice accuracy for drama? To what extent should the writer be held accountable for spreading inaccurate info, especially if the subjects of the drama are still alive?

  • I, personally, believe historical accuracy to be quite important. While I understand that some creative liberties need to be taken for the sake of creating a historical drama or novel, they should still try to remain as close to the truth as possible. For your question, considering that historical novels can be classified as nonfiction and thus follow historical accuracy with precision, it may be beneficial to reduce your inquiry to strictly drama. – EvelynBlack1994 5 years ago
  • I tend to think in historical dramas and novels, accuracy is king. If you're not accurate, someone is going to call you on it, and even if they don't, credibility is lost. However, I also think there are specific times/areas where you can or should use license. For instance, let's say you wanted to write a Biblically accurate novel about Ruth. Well, okay. You have four chapters to work with, and those don't give a lot to work with. You would have to choose reputable outside sources, but maybe take some poetic license with Ruth's relationships, personality, etc. For instance: do we know what her life was like before she married Boaz? Do we know who her best friend was? Do we know if she struggled to get pregnant? No, so you would have to fill it in. The key, I think, is to be true to what you have, and as respectful to the real people involved as possible, dead or alive. – Stephanie M. 5 years ago