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Crossing Over: TV shows from other countries popularity in the US

With shows ranging from the obvious (The Office) to others of less prominence (Degrassi), what does it take for a show to catch on in the US? With a show like the Office, it seemed a US version was needed, but shows such as Degrassi made it internationally and then had others based off of them. What others are there and what writers, directors, actors made became bigger because of it?

  • Including some examples of US remakes that weren’t successful can lend more depth to the reasoning behind these remakes – Anna Samson 1 year ago
  • As the devil's advocate, what about foreign TV shows that ought to never be remade for US audience, because they nobody will be able to 'get it right'? – greenturnedblue 1 year ago
  • I like the topic but perhaps you can identify 1-2 shows you would like potential writer to discuss or rephrase: "What two other shows are there and what writers, directors, actors did it make bigger because of it? – Montayj79 1 year ago
  • I could see this being popular. There are plenty of shows I would like to see brought to the US. – Hannahegeorge 1 year ago