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Itachi Uchiha: Villain Or Tragic Hero?

Analyze what makes Itachi Uchiha, from Naruto, a villain or a tragic hero (based on the Greek archetype of tragic heroes).
He was responsible for the massacre of his family, even if for noble reasons. A pacifist, a prodigy, who caused lots of pain.
Contrary to villains, however, his motivations were pure, and he led a miserable life, maculated by his choices.
Compare him to either Batman or a "darker" or tragic hero, as opposed to a villain or even an anti-hero.

  • Example: Due to his noble birth and good character, Macbeth is a tragic hero in the traditional sense. But his ambition — his deadly flaw — causes his demise at the play's conclusion. As he sinks farther and further into the shadows, it also drives him to commit several crimes, including murder. He embodies the archetype of the tragic hero, despite some of his characteristics falling short of perfection. – Beatrix Kondo 1 year ago
  • Itachi Uchiha reminds me of another tragic hero, Cassius au Bellona from Red Rising. – Morgan Tracy 7 months ago