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The Lack of LGBTQIA Literature NOT focused on LGBTQIA

There are more and more books featuring LGBTQIA character, however, they almost always focus on this which perpetuates the "strangeness" of being LGBTQIA. What are some good books featuring these characters with a different focus for the story? A romance between two females that isn’t shocked by their lesbianism? An adventure story featuring against the backdrop of the gender spectrum? Etc.

  • I think the problem with LGBTQIA books is they normally focus on the profoundness of someone 'realizing' they're LGBTQIA or on coming out. I ended up googling and found a list on Tumblr titled "LGBTQIA YA Novels Where the Focus Isn’t On Coming Out." One book on the list is 'Huntress' by Malinda Lo which I recently picked up from the bookstore. I'm not quite sure if it is entirely focused on this, but it looks promising! I would google that link and see what it brings up for you. Good luck! – Amber 9 years ago
  • Great topic; I'm thinking about doing something similar, about the lack of books with disabled characters that do *not* focus on disability. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago