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The State of Game Creation Today

A trend that has always been present in the game making community is to look at whatever is popular and copy that in order to cash in on said popularity, before moving on to the next trend. This behavior is, to an extent, reinforced by the major publishers themselves, and often we will see many big games coming out around the same time that are all basically the same thing in terms of overall design, and sequels are abundant. However, despite publishers trying to tell gamers what they should be playing, and in many cases selling what are basically carbon copies of the same game each year, many games such as Undertale have come out recently that go completely against the grain and are still extremely well received. What sort of impact, if any, do you think that this obvious disparity between what gamers actually want, and what publishers think we want or want us to want, will have for the future of games in the coming year?

  • Undoubtedly I would say it comes down to profit. There seems to be a definite defining crossover from creation to cash when it comes to the gaming franchise. Ultimately the buyers speak with their wallets. I also believe the refreshing part of this is that one can never underestimate the breakout creativity this industry can have - and that makes it all worth it! -Celticmist – Celticmist 8 years ago