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What Happens to Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Etc?

With the recent announcements that The Punisher has been cancelled and Jessica Jones will air its 3rd and final season soon, what will happen to the characters featured in all of Netflix’s Marvel shows? There is an agreement that Marvel cannot use the characters until 2 years after the cancellation of the shows. When those two years are up, will we see these characters reappeared for Marvel’s films or the Disney Streaming Service, or will these characters be completely rebooted?

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  • As reported, the rebooting of X-Men is not on the MCU's agenda for a long while. I would think that if the rebooting is an option they are considering we would have to wait longer than 2 years. On a side note, I am happy that they are at least releasing Jessica Jones season 3. It is a personal favorite for -better- female representation and I'd hate to see it end just like that. – hazalse 5 years ago