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In the run up to mothers day (UK) who are some of the best movie mothers.

In the run up to mothers day what better way to prepare than by reconnecting with some of our favourite movie mothers who have had an influence on use as much as our real relatives. From Maria in the sound of music to ‘the cool mum’ Mrs. George in mean girls who are some of your favourite movie mums?

  • Could this be expanded to TV moms as well? I can think of several, from Clair Huxtable and Hariette Winslow (Cosby Show, Family Matters) to Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) and Annie Camden (7th Heaven). Some favorite movie moms of mine are Eudora (Tiana's mom from The Princess and the Frog), Vianne (Chocolat), Helen Harris (Raising Helen), and the moms from The Joy Luck Club. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
  • The mom from The Wonder Years is also a good pick for TV. In movies I would pick the mom from Queen of Katwe, mom of chess champ who struggles with giving the best to her genius daughter. – Munjeera 7 years ago