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Jersey Shore Reboot Worth Exploring?

Jersey Shore was a guilty pleasure to watch by everyone that was old enough to understand the sexual innuendos and see the drama first hand. Now that they are older and that I have seen the first two episodes I can easily see how they have changed and how censored the show already seemed to be. I think this topic would be great to explore once the month-long adventure is done and see if this one can live up to what they have done in the past. What do you think?

  • It is an interesting topic since everyone has very strong opinions about the show from both sides. Showing the corresponding view points in contrast with the ratings from the show can maybe help give an overall feel for the reboot. If you wanted you could also slightly digress into the debate of reboots vs. the original and how/what Jersey Shore is doing about it – Emily Murphy 6 years ago
  • omg it is ABSOLUTELY worth exploring. I love the Challenge. And anything MTV, honestly. – meggiegates 6 years ago