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The revival of the Musical

With great, iconic musicals like Grease in the late 1970s, would it be possible to create such a hit musical now? How would modern music like house music be incorporated into such a film? What do you think a modern musical would look like?

  • Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda just won a ton of Tony awards and it features hip hop and rap. House Music might be a little different since it doesn't often feature lyrics and musical theater is dependent on words by definition - but I would like to see if someone argue the house music could become material for a musical... – Kevin 8 years ago
  • I think now with the remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as the huge success of Hamilton, musicals definitely have been revived and have become hits. I think now musicals speak to a specific genre or time period in order to be successful, their flavor is specific as well as culturally relevant. Even High School Musical created such unproar! I think if done correctly, marketed correctly, and the scoring was impeccable the musical would definitely be adopted by large demographics. – amirnaveh 7 years ago