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Incest in Pornography and Anime

One of the most common tropes in pornography today is incest, which has appeared in practically all art forms.The Artifice article "Titillating Anime" codifies many of Anime’s more risqué shows as either parodies of hentai, in which incest and other sexual fetishes are ironically used to critique the genre, or as "something for dads;" however, I believe that there are more serious explorations of incest and prevision in anime. I am thinking particularly of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. OreImo goes beyond the typical analysis of incest and perversion by exploring the complex relationships between a brother, a sister, and their mutual friends. All of the shows young characters are isolated by their interest in the ‘perverse.’ Incest and other ‘perverse’ attractions go beyond ironic critiques of genre and/or an art form that allows us access to the ‘forbidden fruit.’ I would be interested in an analysis of this more serious artistic form that might suggest why we are interested in incest, or, at the very least, what hides behind the forbidden fruit of incest.

  • a study of the first relationships humans know, the parents - son/daughter relationship, might be a good place to start. the answer, i suspect, lies not within this relationship but within the more specific study of sociability/isolation of siblings and peers but it begins in the same place as everything else about us (humans). – hawkeye 7 years ago