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Visualizing the Hard Times: Images of Economic Strife in Pop-Culture

With every new economic downturn, recession, depression, American pop-culture tends to churn out a new slew of cultural products that deal with the impact of these shifting economic conditions. The material reality is what matters here, the impact on everyday life, it also tends to produce interesting film, television and art. The most recent film to do this is out in theaters now, "Going Out in Style." Discuss a few cultural products, from ideally a few different periods of economic strife in America (there are plenty), from the Great Depression (1929-1941) to the Recession of 2008-9, analyzing what they have to say about these periods in American history and the harsh realities they portray.

  • Examples: basically all of The Grapes of Wrath, maybe a converse example in Gatsby, the homeowner of The Big Short that ends up living in his car, 99 Homes. Just a few that might help narrow this topic! – elroddavid 7 years ago