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Images of Terror and Terrorism in the Age of Trump

Recent events in London and abroad raise questions of how we should be representing terrorist attacks and the victims of those attacks. The visualization of difference is crucial to our popular understanding of these events as they unfold and reverberate throughout the world. Discuss the way major news organizations like CNN, Fox and MSNBC visualize these events. What differences arise between these televised news sources? How can stations visualize the aftermath of these attacks and the victims in tasteful ways that don’t compound the trauma?

  • It would also be interesting to explore the way the Manchester attack was reported by American sources (releasing information before the UK, reporting false information, etc). Also, the lack of reporting terrorist attacks in non-western countries. Could this be due to the fact these sources don't want the US sympathizing with the middle-east? They want us to view them only as the terrorist and not as the victim? – BreannaWaldrop 7 years ago
  • An interesting spin-off on this topic would be to explore the way in which news outlets are manipulated for PR reasons by both terrorist organisations and celebrities to manage their public profile. For example, the controversial decision of Grande to "go home" to the US was quickly followed by an announcement of the One Love benefit concert and return to Manchester. The decision of Noel Gallagher not to attend also resulted in a PR issue, which he felt compelled to then "explain". – bethlauren 7 years ago
  • There are not one, but three shows this coming fall about the deified seal team six, and homelands and such, in which I don’t think its redheaded step children had the GI Joes now are gunning down. Of course we have to do that, lest we ever hold a politico feet to the fire, ah where we get impeachment, as you can hate the Romans all you want, but…turns out there were war television stations for whom a money shot of Virgillian sadness for fallen men in an unmarked grave in an unmarked war would be something that might caste a lull in the coloreds usury drunks and lesbians who just love a good parade, and don’t you forget it. And why make a point about those soldiers dying in that mess, as marking the earth with your ruin always gets some suckers boiled into the muck. You shouldn’t have waved the flag so vociferously when that bag man was bombing hospital’s, because to be antiwar after that hag quoted Caesar, is just another reason people who just so hate Trump in that mausoleum of a senate are plunging away, with that bumbling old coot unraveling before us, looking like the evil eye of Mad comics. Maybe one too many 300’s for you to seem so sanctimonious now. Everything is plastic, and is fake, as maybe the Bushes weren’t the patricians those grave robbers tried to convince you they were. See if you couldn’t impeach that buffoon, who sat there and careened from one disaster to another, well, whats the point of La wanda and her studying the crime bill as if the digest of Roman law as I had to , but then, survived being Jesuit pre law. Oh, now you weep…?, as my namesake said, … – Antonius865 7 years ago