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Monetizing Writing in 2016

Examine the current state of professional writing, journalistic and/or fiction, in the digital age, and the comforts as well as the difficulties that aspiring writers may have making a living off their work. For journalism, you can talk about how modern outlets rely increasingly on easily replaceable writers repeating the news instead of defined personalities and opinions, as well as the reliance on sponsored content for income resulting in a rift between the editors and writers. For fiction, you could talk about how digital and self-publishing has made it more difficult for large publishing houses to bring on new writers and compensate them properly, while at the same time self-publishing for a living carries it’s own risks of being unable to easily reach a larger audience.

  • Great topic, one that I've recently written on. Some background information about the effects of social media on advertising revenue for journalism and literature publications would be helpful in grounding the exploration. As well, niching, or the death of the general interest magazine, could be covered as well. – Aaron 8 years ago