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Can Resident Evil 7 restore the series to its roots?

At this years, E3 Capcom reveal a trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 7. They also released a demo for the game. The Resident Evil series has been criticized for seemingly abandoning it’s horror aspect. Resident Evil 4 was hailed as a masterpiece for changing the third-person shooter genre. The change is centered on the introduction of "offset camera angles that fail to obscure the action."

However, by adding these aspects to the game, Capcom appeared to ruin the "survivor horror" series. One reason for this seems to be the abandonment of zombies all together. Replacing them with a cult called "Los Illuminados." The cult members were infected with a parasite, and so were "mindless." They cool use tools unlike zombies, like guns, axes and/or vehicles.

To counter this the series shifted to become more action oriented. The horror element gave way to the action. This continued for Resident Evil 5 and 6, although there were other complaints. Resident Evil 7 promises to return to what made the series a great survivor horror series. Capcom’s reveal of Resident Evil 7 demo was meet with mix reviews. The demo doesn’t play like the last 3 games or the original games. It played more like the Silent Hill series. It was first person and featured less action.

The demo however will not be part of the "main series," according to director Koushi Nakanishi. He stated that it was more of a "tonal preview." He stated that the demo was designed to show the "fear/horror," elements and the "exploration of an environment." Some of the gameplay elements were left out of the demo. Koushi clarified that "puzzle solving, resource management, and combat," will return to the series as well.

Overall, the demo has sent the message that the series horror aspects are returning. Can this entry revive the series? Can Capcom find a balance between action and horror, while satisfying new and old fans? What do you think made Resident Evil 4 – 6 "abandoned" the horror. What would you like to see in the series of the future?