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Do Settings in Movies Still Matter?

It seems that in most popular movies the set or the setting isn’t considered as complexly as the setting of say, a stage play or novel, would be. The article would seek to understand the purpose behind settings in modern films, and if they are (or ever were) an extension of the message the film was trying to get across. Consider the following: Does it really matter that the fight took place in a warehouse instead of an alley? Are there cases where the setting is still heavily influenced by symbolism and imagery? Is it all about the mood or is there something deeper?

  • Not many people notice or would write about something like this, so as far as originality goes, this is a good topic. I feel as though it does matter on the type of movie. Good horror movies need a proper setting, as well as action movies. With dramas and comedies, not as much. The more visually-based the story is, the more important that the setting fits the story. A good love story or comedy can be told from almost any setting and work, but an action/horror movie with a bad setting basically makes no sense. So I believe it does matter whether the fight is in a warehouse or alley, but it doesn't matter as much whether the star-struck lovers are in medieval England or post Civil war America. – MikeySheff 8 years ago
  • I would think that settings would still matter anywhere, because there's all kinds of reasons why someone would want to stage a fight in a warehouse or an alley. It can range from being believable to matching the kind of tone that the movie is going for. So I think any one who would start thinking about this topic will start thinking about not only in-universe, but production-wise as well. – DanielMichael 8 years ago