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What We Can Learn from Sid Meier's Civilization series

With the recent release of the acclaimed Civilization VI it would be interesting to look back at long lasting grand strategy series and the value it holds. Each iteration of the series has players building an empire starting at the beginning of human civilization and developing over thousands of years into the Space Age. This allows players to experience concepts such as culture building, technology development, military growth, and handling diplomacy as your empire changes over time. With this article I’d like to explore how the various games handles these concepts and how the choices in game allow the player to learn first hand about history and how our world developed and changed over time. It also would allow insight on how Civ VI handles these themes in particular.

  • I look forward to seeing this written, I learned a ton of history and facts by reading the Civilopedia in Civ2. Not sure how the modern games have handled it but I think there was always a lot lacking in how civilization actually started and expanded. Smaller groups were assimilated into larger ones or banded together to deal with threats; cases where settlers struck out to found new cities as part of the empire were far rarer. – Sboother 7 years ago