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Sexualization of English Phrases through Pop Culture

Nowadays, a seemingly innocent phrase has a sexual connotation. ‘Netflix and Chill’ does not simply mean going home and watching netflix, and ‘truffle butter’ is not a type of food. Most of these phrases derive from pop culture, and we have videos on Buzzfeed asking celebrities what these phrases mean and laughing at those who are confused. What does it say about the English language as more words and phrases have double entrendres? What does it say about the generation who uses these phrases in their daily conversations? This article can either explore the origins of phrases, or go in-depth about the English language, and how slang plays an important part in communication.

  • I think it would be really interesting to discuss how slang plays an important role not only in the English language, but also in other languages. In general, every language has slang words, so how do these slang words affect the language? The slang adds to the complexity of a language because it adds a new set of vocabulary. – ssaylor 8 years ago
  • I would like to see this article take the angle of going in depth of modern english language. It's crazy to me that we have so many phrases, useless in a sense, but "entertaining." I'm curious as to what other countries think of the words we use and the way we use them. I hate to say it, but I'm sure it doesnt give Americans a good look. Truffle Butter? I mean really?! – dylanvictoria 8 years ago
  • Honestly, I'd like to see this article go in both directions. I, being a young adult in a generation that is supposed to be my own, often find myself confused when I get on Twitter or Facebook and see all these phrases or words and not even knowing what is being said! That or listening to modern music and being like "wait, what did they just say? what does that even mean?!" and then having to consult Google just to keep up. I think it'd also be interesting to talk about how this affects the English language and what will become of it, and what will become of those who can't keep up, or even those who come here and attempt to learn our language, along with our ever-changing slang. – Alexandria 8 years ago