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Ranking SNL Featured Players

I’d love to see a list of your favorite featured players on SNL that never made it to full-time cast members. There’s quite a few that I found worthy enough to make the cast, but unfortunately didn’t. Many of them went from writer, to featured player, and then they were either fired or went back to writing. I think a list of 1-10 of who you found was great, but didn’t make the cut, would be best. Also, add an explanation or video clip for each of the 10, as to why they are ranked where they are. For example, if you had a favorite sketch or Weekend Update appearance that made them stand out for you.

  • Good topic! I think a list of 10 would be better in order to be able to be more thorough/detailed and keep interest throughout the whole thing; perhaps with a short video clip of each person's work (sketch or update, as you suggested). I'd probably click on this to read, but I know I wouldn't make it through 20 unless I was a die-hard SNL fan that already knew all of the performers - choosing a smaller number and adding clips will make this more accessible for those who don't regularly watch the show. Also, is the list focused on actors the writer feels weren't good enough, or that the show felt weren't good enough? It might be more interesting to choose people that the writer feels were worthy of full-time status but did not make it (and the tone would be more positive by pointing out their strengths rather than listing their faults). Your phrase "if you had a favorite sketch or Weekend Update appearance that made them stand out for you" suggests that you are talking about people who deserved to be on the program full-time, but your earlier sentence "There's quite a few I found good, but not good enough." suggests the opposite. If the article is about your favorites, the reader will want to see if their favorites match your own, which is fun, and invites comments. – Katheryn 8 years ago
  • A video clip would add a lot to the article. – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • I like this because I think right now SNL is in transition period. I think diversity is great and the voices are bringing out new forms of comedy. I think this would also be a great way to compare what sketches worked, for example, in the 70's and whether those sketches would work today given the quality of the performance and writing of the sketch and the sketches today. I think this is solid, relevant, and would open the article to go many directions while still being clear. – Matthew 8 years ago