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Incomplete Adaptations: The Relationship Between Anime and Profit

Discuss the reason why most anime is created (advertising the source material) and what makes it financially viable. Talk about how many anime receive anime-only endings or unfinished stories because they exist to promote the source material, which is the more profitable. Talk about light novels and manga, how both have been used as source material, why they’re more profitable, and which ones have been more popular at what points in time.

  • I agree with Kristian. It is rare that anime adaptions help to boost sales of the original source material, although K-ON! and Hyouka are two series that have done this. That wasn't their main purpose for being created, just a lucky side effect. I don't think your assumption is accurate. – Jordan 8 years ago
  • Cultural differences between audiences (i.e. Japan and U.S.), and what makes such profit in both may be a factor worth examining. – JDJankowski 8 years ago