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How professional sports have become more entertaining than reality television.

Todays professional sports have now created their own storylines within the games, and are publicized enough in the media, that sports have become more intriguing and entertaining than reality television. With sports not being scripted, and available across the globe no matter the language, they are more accessible.

  • What exactly would be the prompt for this post? Would it be talk about why sports are more entertaining and how it came to be? OR would it be more along the lines of trying to actually determine if such a statement is true, which by the way I don't believe is true. I think it would also be important to maybe pick one sport and talk about how specifically that sport might or might not be more popular than reality television. – tmtonji 6 years ago
  • I think there's something here but if the focus is on how sports on TV has changed in how it is being presented from the past (exactly when that was should be made clear)? Storylines in sports is a good idea. Do we see it more clearly in, say, the Olympics more so than in football or baseball? What type of storyline? Are there studies showing certain storylines appeal to TV audiences and in what ways? – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago
  • This could be interesting, but I think you would need to specify the particular elements of "reality television" which you are referring to. I think the point here is the competition element of some reality television, and how audiences prefer the supportive communities around sports teams. However you have mentioned how sports are not scripted, leading me to think of the rise of scripted reality such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, etc. I think you need to specify what area of reality television you think this change refers to. It may also be worthwhile making a comparison or considering the massive current popularity of scripted wrestling franchises as this seems to be an exception to the trend. – Kayleigh Hall 6 years ago
  • Keeping in mind the other suggestions, it would be interesting to analyse the recent trend of premier leagues taking India and the cricketing world by storm. Celebrity Cricket League and Box Cricket League are few leagues which tried to combine the glamour of celebrities and reality television with competitive sports. Leagues have also sprung up for badminton, tennis and plenty of other sports. Are advertisers able to target a specific audience easily, thus raising sponsorship and money needed for running these leagues in specific long-winded formats? – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 4 years ago

Sports as Storytelling

An analysis of how sports create a promote story-lines to increase interest. This could discuss how sports journalism and online fan forums find points of interest and incorporate them into larger stories about teams, players, rivalries, etc. It could also discuss how Olympic coverage often use "Behind-the-Athlete" segments to catch-up on the story-lines of sports they might not be familiar with outside of the Olympics.