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The contribution to the storyline of crossovers in superhero television shows

Analyze the contribution to the storyline of the crossover episodes of superhero television shows. In particular, Arrow, The Flash, and Constantine have had crossover episodes. Do these contribute to the story in a meaningful way? Are they forced, making the episodes feel like a commercial for another show? Another example related to this might be when Superman makes "appearances" on Supergirl.

  • Definitely look into the comic book history of these superheroes, and perhaps consider any links these heroes may have in previous television shows, cartoons, what have you. – John 9 years ago
  • A very interesting perspective I had not thought of before, cannot wait to see where someone takes this! – emilyinmannyc 9 years ago
  • I really like crossovers - it gives the impression that the shows take place within a larger universe! – Winterling 9 years ago