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The destruction of the family in The Conjuring 2

I love Horror Films. The suspense that horror films create makes me jump off my seat every time and I love it. This weekend, I just recently watched The Conjuring 2, and I noticed a crucial theme: the destruction of "family." While the suspense in a horror films is created through unusual monsters, demons or serial killers, what made me jump was how the film metaphorically represented the struggles of living up to a specific type of family structure. Throughout the film, I started to see the differences between the Warren Family and the Hodgson family. Before they meet each other to discuss the supernatural occurrences, the way the montage sequence emphasizes on the difference between the families reinforces that the white picket fence family is in itself the better structure. Ultimately, the Warren family is a represented as the angelic figure that needs to save the Hodgson’s from their own "demonic" failures ( ex: darker lighting used in scenes where the Hodgson family is shot) . But the question is, why is it that the single mother who is trying to hold her family together need to be saved constantly in films?

  • Interesting topic. I noticed that the Warrens helped to create friendly mood for the family suffering from possession in both movies, so it could be said that the Warrens "heal" the family both spiritually and mentally. – idleric 8 years ago