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Eighteenth Century Lit: Not As Boring As You'd Think

I have taken a number of courses in Restoration and Eighteenth Century lit, but remember a feeling of dread when I had to take my first one because it sounded so painfully boring. Imagine my surprise when I read the sex heavy plays, poems with many an innuendo (did you know that "to die" does not necessarily mean losing one’s life), and stories with a little bit of everything. It’s time to open people’s eyes to the fact that just because it’s not a modern story does not mean seventeenth and eighteenth century literature is boring!

There are many approaches to this topic. One can look into the genre of premature ejaculation poems, or into the plays and stories like The Country Wife by William Wycherley, The Lucky Chance by Aprha Behn, and Fantomina by Eliza Haywood.

  • I think the topic is unambiguous. Instead of focusing on the general aspect of how it's not boring, maybe there can be a more specific area to focus on only that doesn't make it boring. This topic can be a little too broad so you want a more specific area to focus on with this topic. – DSantoyo 9 years ago
  • I agree that this is a bit broad. You could try focusing on a specific subject that is represented in 18th century lit to make it more focused. This topic could also translate well to a "10 Eighteenth Century Novels You Should Read & Why" sort of list. – Marcie Waters 9 years ago