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Do Late Night Hosts Have a Responsibility to be Political?

The past two years completely changed the way society speaks about politics. It seems everyone was speaking about anything that came out of the previous campaign. The country was divided and conversations of all human rights were lit on fire.

The way the media was involved was unlike any political campaign. Local news stations and early morning shows recapped the day before like they always do. However, late night hosts took on a new role. While maintaining their comedy, the usual carefree atmosphere was unavoidably influenced by the stressful political world. Some late night hosts took advantage of it, others did not. Do you believe it is there responsibility to speak on the changing politics?

  • Certainly a timely topic. A lot has already been written about this; some articles that the prospective author might be interested in looking over include: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; . This is just a small sample of what's out there (and there're quite a few other good ones that I remember reading but was unable to find now), trying to cover a variety of the differing perspectives on this subject. Hope it helps. – ProtoCanon 7 years ago