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Victoria 3: Marxism simulator?

Depictions of the ideology of Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels are lacking in the world of video games. Many critics of Marxism have at best a child-like understanding of the term often reducing it to a string of buzzwords and malformed propagandist talking points.

As a result most games that feature any sort of Marxism, Socialism, or Communism, end up regurgitating the same played-out tropes. "No food, no freedom, all leaders are dictators"

One game that avoids the typical negative stereotypes of Marxism is "Victoria 3." In this grand strategy video game, players can explore and implement socialist policies inspired by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. By prioritizing workers’ rights, collective ownership, and economic planning, the game allows for a nuanced exploration of Marxist principles, demonstrating their potential benefits while navigating the associated challenges. How does "Victoria 3" provide a balanced and respectful depiction of Marxist ideology compared to other video games?