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"The Moment" in Games

Many games are built upon several different moment-to-moment events, be it levels, cutscenes, or individual actions the player takes. But sometimes a game becomes defined by a single event, or a single moment that then becomes known as "the moment." Some examples of "moments" would be the nuke scene in Call of Duty 4 (or the ‘No Russian’ mission in Modern Warfare 2), the Scarecrow sections in the Batman: Arkham series, the "Would You Kindly?" twist in BioShock, and Lee’s death in Telltale’s The Walking Dead. They’re moments that shock, surprise, or stun players and become one of the game’s highlights.

This article would discuss questions such as: how certain games (either the ones mentioned above or others) create these "moments" and what impact they have on players. Does a game automatically become "better" if it has one of these "moments?" Does a game necessarily need a "moment" to be memorable? Does the "moment" succeed in creating the intended impact on the player, and what even is the intended impact? The article could also discuss if these moments become something of a "selling point" for the game, or just how much power they hold for getting new players into the game or get veteran players back.

  • Great idea! I think you could also maybe discuss some of the "mini-moments" that also feature in some of the most well-known games. For example, the tanker mission opening of Call of Duty 4, or even the ending of the game. I think many of these games have "The Moment" but the players decide on it out of a selection of "moments." Very interesting idea! I look forward to reading it! – SetLaserstoFun 1 year ago
  • Interesting thought, and I think some games are indeed defined by moments. I agree with the questions raised - does a game automatically become better with a defining moment, or can it still be memorable without one? Personally, I believe these moments can elevate a game and make it more memorable, but they shouldn't be the sole measure of its quality. It's also fascinating to consider how these moments can serve as selling points, attracting new players and reigniting the interest of veteran players. As a game mania myself, when a new game releases and I see reviews that say there's "the moment" that really took the game to a whole different level, it becomes hard for me to fight the urge to not download the game - so I'm interested! – Cienna 1 year ago