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What Should Happen To Captured Super Villains?

A major problem with super villains is that after they are defeated and captured they break out of jail to reek havoc again. So what should happen to these trouble makers? Take a look at how different comics deal with this problem and the frustrations and morality struggles heroes face from it. For example, in one of the Crisis on Two Earths stories Superman performs lobotomies on villains to stop them but it is seen as immoral action. In many cases heroes are tempted to kill villains to stop their terror once and for all.

  • How the method used to deal with villains is a reflection of how society does/should/shouldn't deal with criminals should also be taken into account. Media doesn't exist in a vacuum. – Amanda 8 years ago
  • This is a fantastic topic! I think the moral aspect is the most important in this discussion, and should be the focus. Make sure to consider super villains that also have the ability to do good/have some form of a moral stand. I look forward to reading this! – LilyaRider 8 years ago
  • I don't know – Zyana Hault 8 years ago
  • Definitely look at DC's Arkham Asylum and Marvel's "The Vault" as examples of "super-max prisons" and how they do (or don't) work in the context of the greater comic universe. – Tarben 8 years ago