Television Shows of the 21st Century: Is sex and violence all you need?

What will grab your attention when a new television show is premiering? Is it the graphic violence, the sex, the plot twists? In this day and age, just about everything has been done on television shows to boost ratings and hold onto viewers. We are living in a post True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and a current Game of Thrones era. All of these popular shows were known for their outrageous plot lines, extreme violence and blood, and graphic sexual scenes. Is that all that is needed to be considered a ‘success’ in television? Do the extremes overshadow true cinematic genus when it comes to television shows?

  • Interesting choice of topic. It's worth noting that writing is extremely important in television - would GoT be as acclaimed as it is if its content was solely violence and sex? The sweeping, epic storyline, unpredictability in the plot, and of course the uniquely captivating characters enhance the show greatly, making it far more than an indulgence in sex and violence alone. This aspect is potentially very important, and worth thinking about when writing such an article. – IRBurnett 8 years ago
  • A delicate subject definitely, but could shed some incredible light on modern entertainment, and why exactly we as a society are so attracted to these elements, even beyond surface value. This as well pulls on the idea of "shock value", and how much the creators of various modes of entertainment use that solely to up their following. – Sherlock 8 years ago
  • I would even tie in Law & Order SVU in this. I've only watched a few episodes of True Blood and the majority of Game of Thrones, but I would tie in some shows that aren't just in the sci-fi and fantasy realm. – JoeVito 8 years ago
  • You could also mention something about how the appeal of tv shows that explore the normal day-to-day has greatly decreased in correlation to the increased desire for extreme escapism in their entertainment. – SuziAtaei 8 years ago

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