The 5 Saddest Moments in One Piece

I have read this post and find that it is written very well it have easy wording in it so the users can understand very easily. But the only problem is with the Pictures its hard to read pictures in it. In manga section pictures must be self explaining so the reader can understand it easily.

  • Oh, that's a very interesting topic to write about. As a long-time One Piece fan, I have to say that this manga has way too many sad moments. Choosing one of them would be a hassle, but five? I'd say, rewatch as many incredibly sad moments as you can, feel the emotions to rate them, write on a piece of paper to explain why this particular moment overwhelmed you so much, then grade them. After this, you can rank your five saddest moments. One Piece won't fail you in terms of emotional distress. – Beaucephalis 4 months ago

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