The Academy Awards Are A Victim of the Moment

What makes something the Best Picture? And why have so many of them been forgotten about? Many movies that were considered the best movie of that respective year are not really talked about and pander to many of the voters expectations and agenda during that time. Great movies that are still talked about today like Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Saving Private Ryan unbelievably lose to something that a lot of people consider lesser. While film opinion is subjective, it’s a failure from the voters to recognize and snub a film that has resonated with a lot of people for legitimate reasons. What makes voters so caught up in the moment with certain films that causes the notorious awards snub?

  • In writing this topic it's definitely important to talk about the handicaps of the Oscars. As the poster said, the voters have a lot of room to improve on. Many vote only for what they know and for movies that focus on people similar to their demographic - usually white, affluent males. There's the notorious animation section which almost always goes to Disney, then Pixar. Superior animation is ignored in favor for the well known, status quo Disney. There was also that quote of the voter who said he votes for whatever animation his daugher likes. Does the Oscar's shortcoming stem from subconscious bias, laziness, or connections/deals or for preserving the status quo? – RyderVii 6 years ago
  • "Snub" is a cute word. When it is used it implies some broad acceptance that many know a movie is good and was ignored. But, is that true? We all have our own favorites that were ignored and instead of just saying "my choice was ignored" saying "snub" raises it to a different level. Is that different than wondering why certain players are not in the Hall of Fame? – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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