The Appeal of being a Youtuber

Youtube has become a place of community for a wide range of individuals with a multitude of interests that include but are not limited too gaming, nutrition, lifestyle, fashion etc. Many of these video makers have been able to make a career out of their videos, and many viewers are eager now ore than ever to start their own channels. What is the main appeal? Is it the lifestyle? The gratification of subscribers? The seemilngly easy job that stemmed from a hobby? Decide and discuss while including the negative attributes.

  • A great topic for discussion. I think it would be better for those that want to consider writing on this topic to focus on the younger generation because they are the ones who are constantly influencing and being influenced by youtbers. It would be interesting to have a discussion on the impact of makeup tutorials on young girls. – Nilab Ferozan 6 years ago
  • I feel one important part of the relevancy today is how basically everyone wants to start making a YouTube channel to feature their own specific talents and abilities. The problem with YouTube is that it has no real means of promoting new channels, with the exception of its Creator Academy videos must Youtubers have to learn the way to use YouTube and gain popularity by experience alone. – Kevin Mohammed 6 years ago

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