The Art of Playing God through Gene Editing

Editing genes may be the solution to diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, but how far should we go in "editing" humans? Should we be allowed to change characteristics about ourselves or our future children? What about the possibility of creating "super humans" as weapons? Where is the balance and what risks are involved?

  • If you really wanted to write this topic, start with a novel as a base; I recommend The Giver, or any novel set in a society that attempts to create "perfect" people (e.g., Nazi Germany). There are several angles to explore, and this is a timely topic in light of our current scientific knowledge and political climate. Consider Denmark's recent declaration that they are "helping create a Down Syndrome-free world" (paraphrase) and what the repercussions are there. – Stephanie M. 5 years ago
  • To help narrow down this topic if might be useful to think of the systems you want to write about. You can explore medical or research ethics, policy and law, or public reactions to gene editing. Some or all of these topics will be well represented in a medium (art, novel, film) exploring gene editing. – rexval 5 years ago

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