The art of Posters

As we know, a visual element or an image can be powerful tools to promote an idea, a project, an attitude or a film. Who are behind the conception of film posters? What can a film poster say about a film? Why are we so attached to them and keep on putting them in our rooms and offices? Who decides on the way posters should be marketed, designed, distributed? Why are some posters like Pulp Fiction or Scarface still so popular years after and what makes a poster successful and convincing?

  • Another interesting point would be how a poster made by marketing is often seperately made from those who made the film. So controversy over how women like Black Widow are edited on posters would be interesting. – Erin Derwin 9 years ago
  • There's just something so aesthetically appealing about movie posters that make people want to see them. I guess it's also the notion of creating a movie poster that no one's ever seen before, something along the lines of that. I know that the Blade Runner poster wanted me to see the film; same with Pulp Fiction and Space Odyssey. – AlyssaMariano 9 years ago

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