The Current Status of Traditional Music

Wherever it be folk music or another form of traditional music set in a specific geographic region, is there a danger of it being lost to commercial pop music? Why is traditional music important in representing a specific culture?

  • I believe you have hit an important note here, pun intended. Traditional music is important because it does represent an aspect of culture. It is important to preserve the music however, it is educational to have the music available to others. This is said with antiquated cultures in mind. Now to take it to a more current event. The urban culture has its own music and I am talking about Rap most specifically. This music is about urban culture and it has been capitalized to make money and much of the original Rap culture was about telling what life is like in this culture. Now it seems it is less about story more about commercial success. – Venus Echos 9 years ago
  • What do you mean by "lost to commercial pop music"? – T. Palomino 1 year ago

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