The decline in experimental/creative period films, and why

It seems that period films in the twenty-first century have never been more popular. However, after watching the trailers for the newly released "Far From the Madding Crowd" and the upcoming release of "Madame Bovary," it seems like all of the period films are being produced, made, and designed in exactly the same way–with all of the attention on costume, make-up, setting, and cinematography. These filmmakers do not seem to want to make a period film that is experimental, or that interprets the source material in a new or refreshing way. Of course, this is usually for financial reasons. But are there any other reasons? Should the beautifully-shot, beautifully-costumed, but traditionally scripted, edited, and directed period film continue to be made? Or are there ways to go in new directions with this film genre?

  • There was 2011 version of Wuthering Heights that reimagined Heathcliffe as a black. It was a Film4 film, very good, very intense. BUT it didn't make much money and is not well known. That would definitely be worth talking about (and watching if you haven't.) – Francesca Turauskis 9 years ago

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