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The depiction of consent within the Fifty Shades of Grey series

With millions of books sold, and a widely successful movie adaptation, Fifty Shades of Grey is undoubtedly a popular series. However, the subject matter is not without controversy.

While the books and movie have helped to bring the BDSM culture into a more popular light, the depictions of consent within the book are arguably sub-standard.

Should the appallingly inaccurate, and possibly dangerous, depictions of consent within the series be ignored? Should such matters take a back seat to the discussions of the popularity and profits of the series, or should the discussion shift now that the series is part of popular culture?

The popularity and "racy" subject matter of the books and movies are indeed topics to discuss, ones that will always illicit a response. However, should those topics be the focus, or should they be used as an introduction to a much more important discussion on consent and its depiction in the media?

  • Also of note, James' is releasing a new book, Grey, on June 18. It will be the same story, only told through Christian Grey's POV. This will no doubt open some new discussions, so it may be worth it to wait to write on this topic until after its' release. – AloraP 9 years ago
  • "Grey" from "His" perspective? good lord how much aping does E L James have to do? this was literally the leaked book from Twilight author Meyer. The fifth book was to be "Midnight Sun" a retelling of Twilight from Edward's perspective. :facepalm: -- that said there are books that cover consent. Such as the [I got it free on Amazon] Gynocracy. While on it's surface it's a book about a space crew trying to rescue one of their own from an amazon planet. When you actually read it's. It's just a primer on the BSDM lifestyle. Plenty of chapters dedicated to consent and the safety sane thing that BSDMers are always saying in interviews about their lifestyle. – wolfkin 9 years ago
  • I read all 4 books. In a glimpse of a second. They were captivating, seducing, challenging and inspiring. I think we have kept the BDSM culture into darkness for way too long, allowing our society to let us believe it's wrong. There is a limit to every thing, but when performed the right way, it could add a lot of spice into a dull relationship. I think we all have a dark fantasy weather we want to say it out loud or hide behind masks that our society gives us. There is so much more to discover when we let ourselves free and let our imaginations go. I am tired of prudes, I am tired of boring people surrounding me every day. I don't think these "racy" topics should be hidden and not talked about, I think they should be up and on the front row of every couple's sexual life and discussions. – elizadim 8 years ago

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