The Different Types of Television Comedy

There are so many different ways a comedic TV show can reach its audience, and each one draws in a different audience because each one is comedic in a unique way. For instance, How I Met Your Mother and Friends are comedic in a way that make you want to join in on the friendships they share — a more realistic comedy. There is also Stand Up comedy TV that draws in a variety of different watchers who all like to watch one person but differ based on the jokes (Lisa Lampanelli is a very different type of stand up comedy than Jeff Dunham). I am sure there are other types of comedy TV shows. It would be interesting to examine the different types of TV comedy and its elements and what type of audience does each type of comedy attract.

  • A black comedy like Shameless would be interesting to examine as well. – Luthien 9 years ago
  • A black comedy of British and Muslim characters like the original Shameless, would provide global cultural values to deem what is comedic. – Venus Echos 9 years ago

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