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The Emotional Manipulation of ERASED

Ever since it first arrived on the anime scene, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi aka ERASED has taken the community by storm. A little more than halfway through the series and it’s already regarded as one of the greatest anime in years. Which makes sense because it has a lot of positives that make up anime: good animation, intriguing premise, and dynamic direction. It seems like the noitamina that fans wanted back after a recent string of mediocrity over the last year or so.

But there’s no getting around the fact that ERASED is an emotionally manipulative drama. This is not a negative or a positive in of itself because all good/bad dramas set out to force the viewer to feel something. What matters is how said feels occur and ERASED has made both good and bad choices in regards to its execution. Whether or not this will pay off in the end remains to be seen, but recently there’s been more bad than good. The amount of focus in regards to one of the girls has gotten ridiculous considering there have been other victims as well, and prevalent problems that were easily dismissed at first have started to become impossible to ignore.

  • I've only just started watching thsi series on Crunchyroll. Thus far, it's kept me entertained. It was this article and one other from another blog that pointed it out to me, so thank you for that. – mattdoylemedia 6 years ago

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