The Essence of Time Travel In Television & Film

Time travel. It is always something that everyone knows that should not be messed with, but people tend to go with the flow and try to do something about it anyways whether it is leading to the past, present or future. But the one thing, everyone know is once you do it, there is no going back. In characters we have seen throughout films or television, such as Back to the Future, a memorable trilogy well-known for its flying Dolorean that can travel throughout any time with one Doc and McFly changing their own fates as well to those they care for or in the Flash, about a determined superhero who’s more than fast abilities can lead him to travel throughout time with the use of the speed force, but by doing that can lead to massive consequences. How important is knowing time travel? Do we already know what consequences can lead to them? Or what becomes of by using it? Or is it something we end up learning can never change on our own?

  • Amazing topic! I obviously will speak for many, the idea of time travelling has been fascinating me since I don't remember when :) I'm even crazy/naive/not-always-thinking-of-the-consequences enough to believe that it will come true within some 50-100 years from now if it hasn't yet (conspiracy theories and all that jazz)). But it is pretty scary also. There's so much to say about it. And it's a truly relevant issue because there really are many time travel plots among movies and literary works (no TV series come to my mind so far, but I'm sure there are many). Various genres, various contexts, different purposes and causes for travelling through time... There are tender and dramatic "The Time Traveler's Wife" and heartwarming and sentimental "About Time" with Rachel McAdams, there is weedy quirky "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" of 1989, there is a French comedy "Les Visiteurs" with Jean Reno; the good old "Groundhog Day" and the incredible love story in "The Lake House" are built around some time shifts, even though it's not like the 'traditional' time travelling. And of course the classic book and all the ecranisations of Herbert Wells's "The Time Machine". And so on... But even "Back to the Future" alone can be a grand playground to swing all this topic on. To me, this trilogy is kind of like classics of the whole time travel idea in movies :) This will surely end up in something great! – funkyfay 8 years ago

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