The Evolution of MTV

MTV has evolved over the years from a channel exclusively devoted to music videos to one that features documentaries and reality TV shows in addition to music and celebrity-related news and programming. Nevertheless, it has remained a beloved pop culture phenomenon. It has also made a point of featuring programs that are centered around conversations about race, class, sex sexuality, unique lifestyles, and the like. Explore the evolution of MTV. How has its programming changed? Why have these changes occurred? What does this say about our culture, how our culture influences TV programming, and conversely, how our culture is influenced by TV?

  • Actually I listened to a keynote speech from the guy that voiced/came up with Ed the Sock. He said a lot of the major changes that occurred in MTV came from the Canadian MTV trying to copy what American MTV was doing years before hand, as opposed to focusing on things that Canadian viewers were asking for at the time. – Sunbro 9 years ago
  • There are already several articles and YouTube videos that fully address this topic. – T. Palomino 6 months ago

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