The Development of South Park Characters

Analyze the development of certain characters throughout the series. For example, in the earliest seasons, Kenny is known for dying in most episodes. Later, his character is allowed to develop, since he doesn’t die quite as frequently. Also, his identity as Mysterion and more active participation in recent episodes gives his character a bit more depth. Similarly, Wendy becomes more than just the girl Stan has a crush on and later dates. As the series progressed, she is portrayed as intelligent and thoughtful. Cartman can also be discussed, either as an example of a character whose characterization has changed (i.e. more outrageous) or as a character that remains more or less the same. Discuss the ramifications of such character development in relation to the show’s themes and direction.

  • Jemarc has an in-depth article on certain aspects of South Park he touches on some of the material that you mentioned. However, an expansion on Wendy and Stan's relationship and character development is a great idea. Additionally, discussing the ramifications of these characters in relation to their development and relationship to the thematic direction would be an intriguing interpretation. – Venus Echos 9 years ago
  • As Echos said, I have a very lengthy article that explores South Park as a series. That being said, I think this would do an excellent job of complimenting that article. Debating whether or not to take it myself but I'm a bit "South Park'd" out so to speak. I think that this is very broad though, so if someone decide's to do so, I believe it would be good to focus on the lesser-known characters that became more important as the series progressed, i.e. Randy Marsh, Mr. Garrison, Butters, Craig and Tweak, etc. – Jemarc Axinto 9 years ago
  • I think you would have sufficient material if you focused on one or two characters in South Park. Mr. Garrison, for one would be an interesting examination, given his complex state of mind. Stan & Wendy would perhaps be another. – JDJankowski 9 years ago
  • One of the more interesting aspects of the show is the fact that the children have developed quite a bit but have only aged one or two years since the mid90's. How are several different decades reflected in these kids who don't age? – Cmandra 9 years ago

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