The fascination with dying teen girls in film

There seems to be a weird fascination of the romance of dying teen girls, especially in more indie films. We see this in "The Fault of Our Stars" and the new film "Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl." What is this new fad? What is the cultural relevance? Is it weird or inappropriate romanticism of a weak teenage girl being the object of affection, or is it delving into something deeper?

  • An even darker take on this theme of dying teenager girls is, of course, David Lynch's series "Twin Peaks." Except with shows like Twin Peaks you can also factor in a kind of twisted romanticism around death by murder, as well as drug use and many forms of abuse. So yes, the writer will need to figure out whether to focus on dying girls in film by natural causes or accidents, or by murder. – Rachel Watson 7 years ago
  • Another film to look at when you're examining this would be "The Virgin Suicides". :) – Sunbro 7 years ago
  • So interesting. I also think it is important to understand what teenage girls represent, and how we think about teenage girls in our culture. Innocence, coming of age, youth. Death of a teenage girl could mean the end of innocence. It could also mean a preservation of female gender roles. ALSO, one should think about the death of teenage girls in literature throughout history. It seems to be a Shakespeare's Juliet kind of trope. – HeatherDeBel 7 years ago

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