The Funny Fat Girl Trope

Usually in cinema bigger girls and women are often cast into supporting comedic roles. They are often loud, blunt, and lazy. Even when they are cast in lead roles the story often involves their size in the some way. There have been exceptions though, for example Hairspray and possibly Spy due out this summer.

How is this trope utilized? Are any other forms of media that subvert this trope?

  • Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are two of the best comedic actresses we have these days, and they're consistently relegated to the Funny Fat Girl role. Or, if not Funny, then at the very least Vulgar. These days, the Vulgar Fat Girl seems to go hand-in-hand with the Funny Fat Girl—because a fat person's sexuality is hilarious, obviously. (Yes, that was sarcasm.) – Andie 9 years ago
  • You could talk about how some say when a "funny fat girl" or man have lost weight due to the entertainment world expectations, they become less funny. Is this true and why is this something that occurs? – silvam 9 years ago

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